Why are pieces edited, and what is the job of the editor?

The job of an editor is to stand in for the reader before publication and make sure that pieces are consumable by readers. One way that editors make pieces clearer to the reader is by ensuring that basic rules of grammar are followed, but it is not all about editing commas!

Editors also make sure that extended metaphors within pieces are understood and that there is a clear structure. We edit to ensure the magazine flows well, and represents Canvas and the Hamline community in the light we want it to. We encourage you to reach out regarding any edits or to work more closely with an editor.

If you have any further questions questions regarding your piece or wish to speak with an editor, please email canvas@hamline.edu, or look at the Who to Contact Form for information on how to reach out to editors!

How much will I be paid for my work?

The current payment for work at Canvas is $15 per story and $15 per original visual. If you have a visually heavy story, you will have to write a 150 word statement regarding it which will not be counted as a written story as it is simply facilitating your visuals. Think of it like an artist’s statement.

For written stories, Canvas requires a 500-1500 word count. When multiple people have worked on a visual, the payment will be split between all parties. There is no compensation for unoriginal stories and visuals, as the work is not that of a Canvas contributor.

If you feel that you have been paid unfairly or that your piece requires additional compensation, please consult the Who to Contact Form and reach out to the specified individual. Feel free to contact Canvas, especially before we submit payment at the end of each semester so that we can reach an agreement on your payment.

When should I use quotes or cite material?

Every story whether it be written or visual should use quotes or have some component of interviewing for it, unless it is a day-in-the-life story. These quotes do not necessarily have to be worked into the piece but they should be available if the editorial team wishes to include them. In addition, whenever you use work that is not your own, you must cite it.

If you are new to interviewing people please check out the resources below!

What if my third draft or final draft isn’t ready to be published?

Let an editor know! We can work together to make the changes that we see fit before  publication! Make sure to communicate this as soon as possible, if the deadline is approaching.

Help! I want photographs to accompany my piece but I either don’t have a nice camera or any photography skills.

No need to worry! Our design staff have photography skills and can help you out. Please mention any images you might want/need taken as soon as possible so we can plan accordingly with our publication schedule. If you want to take the photos yourself, please contact and we will find the best way to get a camera in your hands. Please reach out to the Design Chief or Design Assistant. Contact information can be found on the Who to Contact form.